SS ’13 Fashion Trends in 13 – #1

Last season I did a series of post’s dedicated to the key womenswear fashion trends and they proved to be pretty popular. This time, because there seem to be so many micro-trends, I thought I’d pick the 13 that I think are going to be everywhere because it’s 2013, a lot of thought went into that. The trends are in no particular order of preference, it’s just easier to digest than one humongous post.

Shimmer & Holographic

Spring summer womenswear trends

SS 13 #1A by thecrownwings featuring skinny jeans

First up is the holographic, shimmer trend. Think back to the future, sci-fi chic.  ASOS have some fab pieces, including some amazing leggings. I really like the accessories and bags too to add a subtle hint at this trend. Holographic and glitter nail varnish and makeup are another way to get in on the trend without being full on.


Spring summer womenswear trends

SS 13 #1B by thecrownwings featuring high heels

Second is monochrome. Everyone can easily do this, and its probably no surprise its playing a big part in fashion, as this one is always popping up. I suggest playing Cruella De Vil, but use a bright pink or coral instead of red to make it more SS appropriate.


Spring summer womenswear trends

SS 13 #1C by thecrownwings featuring skinny jeans

Next is the tuxedo. So many designers sent models tailored up, its set to be copied majorly on the high street. Opt for pastel shades or a shorts combo to keep in with the season and your bang on trend.


Spring summer womenswear trends

SS13 #1D by thecrownwings featuring print tops

Last for this post is grids. The whole 60’s and 70’s make an appearance with super short skirts, so make sure your square. Topshop and Forever 21 are full of the print, so have a look to see if anything catches your eye. If you’re not keen on full on square, why not try some nail art?

There are two more posts on the SS 13 trends so make sure you check them out.


  • I love monochrome, yet I never seem to wear it. I have recently bought a blazer from Peacocks though, its a dark grey leopard print which is subtle yet gives the right amount of a statement – so a subtle statement piece (if that makes sense) 🙂
    Plus at £20 its a bargain!

    LL xx