Melt Scented Candles

When I got asked if I wanted to test out a scented candle I jumped at the chance. I love scented products and I’m actually quite surprised I haven’t ventured more into the scented candle world. Well, this is going to change after experiencing the hand-poured offerings from Melt Candles. Written apologies to my bank are now being accepted.

 I received the Verbena & Clary Sage Scented Candle(*) and fragrance of this is quite possibly one of my favorite. Ever. I couldn’t put my finger on why I loved it so much until I read the description Melt gave. “It smells like the most gorgeous chap (or at least one who wears the most exquisite fragrance)”. And there is the explanation. It smells how I imagine  Ryan Gosling would smell, any clarification would be most welcome. With 70+ hours of burning, this is the best next thing to a full-on love affair. Pretend joking apart I really think this would appeal to both ladies and gents. It’s not too feminine to put guy’s off, but still has the relaxingly yummy quality girls look for. The perfect compromise in my opinion, and ideal if you’re after a housewarming or wedding present, or even an indulgent treat for yourself. Packaging wise, it is so elegant. The circular box feels so luxurious, its hard not to be excited and anticipate great things from Melt. I adore the glass design too, simple, subtle and sophisticated, fitting into any home decor, but adding a more sumptuous feeling at the same time.

With the added bonus of being made in England, scented candles by Melt make the perfect gift. Ideal for valentine’s day, which is only 10 days away! If you want to get you Melt fix, have a look at their website