Monday, 31 December 2012

13 for 2013

Bit of a lazy post, my new year's resolutions, but I have always been a big reflector. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with making new year's resolutions as long as you actually attempt to stick to them. A bit of reflection to see what you can improve on to make the next year better is healthy in my opinion, as long as you make it realistic. I always make a fair number of resolutions, ranging from fun to serious, so for me, 13 is normal. 13 is also my lucky number, so hey, this could be my year ;)!

Last year's resolutions were just to stay in university and to get through 2012. In case you don't know, I spent last year in agonising, debilitating pain due to a brain tumour, making the entire year a massive struggle. However, I am so proud of myself that I still passed my 2nd year of my law degree, and got through that tough year. Now I am (touch wood, cross fingers, blah blah blah) basically healthy (apart from a dodgy ankle) I am ready to rock 2013!

I feel like as soon as I found my blogging feet, life got in the way so I am definitely going to work on my law/blog/life balance. I've decided I'm going to (1) blog twice a week, and really improve the quality of my posts. (2) I also want to get back into reader engagement and just grow my blog more generally. I think in the past I've rushed getting some out, so that's something I'm going to look at improving. Also, I'm going to (3) work on my picture quality more, I want to learn how to edit (I have no skills at all), and (4) in summer I am even going to try out You Tube! I'm not going to make resolutions about stats, because, to an extent, that's out of my hands, and for me, my blog is fun, so I don't want to get stressed about that yet. However, I would like to just thank everyone who is following me and supporting me. You guys are amazing.

(5) I want to make sure I stay on top of my university work, and graduate with a high 2:1 at the least. I really want (6) to get some more legal work experience too, so securing a vaccation scheme or training contract would be amazing (they are like gold dust).

Health(7) Don't go to A&E! Yes that is an actual resolution, I spend far to much time there, obviously getting my money's worth from the NHS. (8) I want to get fit this year, get back into hockey and run a 10K. This coming from the girl that is allergic to running, but I am going to do it, maybe even a bloggers charity run team in summer(?) ooo the possibilities ;)! (9) Getting to a weight and size I'm happy with is also high up, but if I'm fit and healthy, thats hopefully just going to fall into place, especially now I have been officially taken off the steroids.

Myself I am going to make a promise to myself. (10) I am going to keep the negative inside voice shhed. I'm not going to tell myself I'm not good enough, or compare myself to my friends. I am good enough, and I am me. Deal with it Jessica. (11) I am going to make time once a week for a pamper session, and treat myself. (12) I want to photograph things more, because when I'm old and grey, these are the memories I'm going to want to remember, and lastly (13) I'm going to have fun and live in the moment. I spend so much time forcing myself to have a good time, I'm going to relax and just let things happen. 2013 is going to be my year, its official!.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Jumpers

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the cheesy, novelty Christmas knitwear! I know a lot of people have a love hate relationship with these, but nothing puts me in the festive mood than pulling on a thick jumper. I admit they are not the most fashion forward of pieces my wardrobe contains, but Christmas is only once a year, so you might as well just give in to it! I've shared my favorite the high street has to offer, ranging from subtle to Santa's little helper (literally!). Are you a knit wearer, or a novelty no?
Christmas Jumpers


Friday, 14 December 2012

NYX Soho Glam Collection

Some of you may remember my disappointment at NYX's Glitter Cream Pallete, but this has definately restored my faith. Still looking for a Christmas presents? I would definately recommend this.
Nyx Soho Glam Collection
NYX Soho Glam Collection (*)

I thought I was a good multi-tasker but this pallet really takes the biscuit. 52 eye shadows , 8 lip colours, 4 face colours, 4 blushers, 2 lip glosses, applicators, a lip liner pencil and a mirror, all compact! I actually came home yesterday from University for Christmas, so had the nightmare of packing make-up and beauty products for three weeks, especially because theres quite a few Christmas events I'm attending. This would be ideal for those situations when you want to be able to create a range of looks, but need it to take minimal space. Perfect for if you want to go out after work/uni, going on holiday, travel a lot, or just absolutely hate clutter.

The packaging and presentation is lovely. I'm a massive fan of black packaging, I just think it looks a lot sleekier, and stands the test of time because it doesn't go all messy after a few uses, I think I've only really seen Topshop pull of white. Theres a decent sized mirror, and I love how the different layers slide out, making it really compact for this amount of product. This feels really study too, it could definately stand being in a suitcase, so like I said, ideal if travelling is on the cards.

Eye shadows
The jewel toned shades perfect for the festive season, and pretty much any look could be created with with matte, shimmer and glitter products being present. Pigmintation does vary a little, with the glitters and shimmers coming out more vivid than the mattes, but I must stressed I am actually in love with some of the colours!They is little, if any, fallout and they are extrmely blendable.

The pigmentation isn't perfect. The swatches show that they are pretty sheer. Bit disappointed after the eye products, BUT they are extremely buildable, so its nothing a few applications can't solve. They are all unscented and unflavoured too, which is a massive plus.

Again, slightly on the sheer side, however perfect for giving the cheeks a healthy glow. The shade range is amazing too.

Overall this is a good little all-rounder. The eye products are my stand out, but I think if your off travelling round the family over Christmas and want light packing, this is the ticket. Everything is buidlable, blenable and just plain lovely. The shades are so wearable. For £30, you are getting great value and a lot of product for your money!

RRP £30, and available from Very

Monday, 10 December 2012

MAC Shy Girl

MAC Shy Girl

This was my first MAC lipstick, so I apologise that it has already been used. Also, I've not included a shot of it on my lips because I'm currently suffering from bronchitis and flu, and my lips and skin are less than up to scratch. I have really pigmented lips, so a shot wouldn't be that helpful to you anyway.

 As a first MAC lipstick goes, this was a sensible choice. It must be one of my favourite natural shades. This is the perfect neutral lipstick. This is a coral beige, and is ideal for adding a little lip definition to you day-to-day look. Ironically, I tend to use it the most at night combined with my usual smokey eye. It's a cream sheen finish, and feels lovely on your lips. Because of the finish, its not the most long-lasting of products, but this will always have a place in my heart as my first MAC lipstick.

I am desperate to try more MAC lipsticks, anyone got any suggestions?


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Rose Gold Cheeks

All my favourite blush's seem to be NARS Orgasm dupes too, maybe a sign that I need to invest in the real deal.

elf in Candid Coral

I waited ages to get my hands on this because its constantly sold out on the elf website. As the name suggests its a coral colour, with a minute amount of gold shimmer to highlight. I like this, but as the swatch suggests its not very pigmented, and you need a good rub of the Kabuki brush to get a decent colour payoff. It's also fairly chalky, so you do have to be careful, which is hard because of the lack of pigmentation. As a subtle highlight, its really good though.

Nyx in Pinched

 This is my go to daytime blush. I love it because its basically a more pigmented version of elf. Its a little bit more peach toned than elf, but this seems to work better on my skin tone. You really don't need much for the colour to show and its not chalky or powdery at all.

Sleek in Rose Gold(*)

 This is my favourite blush. Its amazing. Its so pigmented that one sweep is enough. The glitter highlight is just the perfect balance for night. The UK high street has definitely delivered with this baby.


L-R: elf, Nyx, Sleek

As you can see from the comparison, elf is the more coral one, with nyx being the peach tone and sleek being more shimmery. Elf is definitely a lot more chalky than the other two, and the least pigmented, but that works well in the day. Sleek is more of a night look for me because of the increased shimmer, but its not overpowering and is so pretty, if you haven't tried it I'd recommend it now.

What are your favourite blush's?

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