Monday, 26 November 2012

The Best Setting Powder Ever

I have my make-up done quite a few times by top MUA's. The last time I had it done was at New C-ID, and I have to recommend them, because I absolutely loved the look, and the tips I got were amazing.

When the MUA was talking about powder, she gave me a sneaky tip that the Natural Collection Loose Powder from Boots is amazing and just as good as the high-end version but for a steal at £1.99! Now being a student I had to have a try.

Natural Collection Loose Powder

Firstly, the packaging is really nice. The clear bottom lets you see how much product you have left, and the inside top stop you wasting product and it going everywhere.

The product itself, although slightly pink in colour, is translucent. I've used this with no make-up on, to my heaviest foundation and its great. It blends in perfectly and looks really natural. I apply it very liberally, and even then it doesn't cake! As for keeping shine away, it definitely does it job. When I wear this over my foundation, I have a matte face all day!

This works just as well as my MAC powder, but at a fraction of the price, I know which one I'll re-buy!


Friday, 23 November 2012

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer
Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer(*)

This summer I was looking for a new primer to help make my make-up look fab and pro-long the wear. Luckily, I was sent this Revlon version in shade 001 to try, and I have to say I love it!

The pump on this bottle makes it so easy to get the right amount and the clear bottle lets you see how much you have left, so no guess work or falling short!

I'm not sure if it shows in the bottom picture but the product itself is slightly pink iridescent and blends in perfectly leaving a smooth canvas. Again, not 100% certain you can tell from the top image (I've used the primer on the area towards the right, near my thumb), it smooths out skin tone, and airbrushes any irregularities.

 With this as a base, its really light weight and you wouldn't know you were wearing it. My make-up lasts all day (about 12 hours, although probably longer, that's just how long I wear make-up for).I apply this with my Real Techniques Foundation brush, and use my Stippling Brush and fingers for my foundation, and it really helps my make-up to look more natural and flawless

A lot of high street brands don't do primers, with them only being a recent addition on the scene. Retailing at £10.99 at Boots, this is definitely worth the money. I've been using mine every-day since September and still have half left! So if you haven't guessed I adore this product, it does exactly what you want it too, its pretty cheap and would really recommend this.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Nyx Glitter Cream Pallet

I was really hoping this would be a rave review. For Christmas, this pallet would be a glittery smokey eye dream. But its not. The only consolation is that i got it discounted at TK Maxx to £4. The colours are perfect, the packaging is lovely, put the actual product itself is a complete and utter let down.

Nyx Glitter Cream Pallet in Ice Queen

So packaging first. Its pretty flimsy, but does the job. I wasn't expect much because this is a cheap product, and the black plastic makes it look a lot better.

The colour selection is perfect. Ideal for create glittery smokey eyes on a budget.

That's the end of the positives though.

Nyx Glitter Cream Pallet in Ice Queen

The swatches above tell the story. Each colour needs to be swatched 3 or 4 times just to get that pigmentation. Even when I've swatched it that many times, the pigmentation is rubbish, you'd probably have to use half the product just for one night! The glitter looks extremely clumpy, and pretty loose, so your  guaranteed it going all over your face by the end of the night. No one wants to look like that much of a glitter ball.

When you compare this to Barry M Dazzle Dust, its just a complete fail of a product. I was hoping this to be a dupe for MAC Glitter Pot's, but the quality of this pallet is like something you used to get free to a magazine as a little kid. I usually love Nyx products, but this is a complete let down.

If your looking for a glitter fix this Christmas, save your money, don't go for this.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Scared of being boring?

Hi guys,

So today I'm doing a bit of a lifestyle post, which is pretty fitting for this time of year.

Being at Uni, probably like quite a lot you, I could go out every night if I wanted to, and my loan allowed me. In a generation where everyones daily antics are uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., I feel like I have to be seen to be having an amazing time, even if all I want to do on a Saturday night is curl up with the boy and watch Take Me Out and Strictly. But why, when I just can't be bothered to get myself looking presentable? Because I don't want to look boring that's why. 

For the next two months I have at least one big event each week, minus two weeks in exam period. Now some of these I'm really looking forward to, the AU Ball being the highlight of my Semester 1. But others, I'm pretty ready to pass over, some Refreshers Week events after Christmas, because I've been there done that, and would now just like to get on with my degree thank you very much.

I want to clear up that I love going out. Getting dressed up and having a giggle with my friends is amazing, especially when you go to such a small university like Keele and will bump into a large proportion of everyone you know at the Union. But, when its the same thing every week, your stressed with attempting to graduate, and your just not feeling your best, a night out isn't the first thing that you want. Ok, yes in some cases this will probably make you feel better, but not when your sleep deprived like me; doesn't help I work 9pm-3am and when I'm stressed I can't sleep.

So why do I feel pressure to go out? Because other wise the people I went to high school with (who I haven't really spoke to in the last 5/6 years...) might think I was boring. If I haven't had a status or some pictures tagged in a week, I feel the need to have an update, just to show I'm having just as much fun, if not more, as everyone else on my friends list. Consequently, you don't have as much fun, because of the pressure to have fun. Its a catch-22.

So this festive season I'm taking a stand, I'm only going out when I actually want to. I've not been to hockey socials in a while because my work load is ridciuously. I'm doing two extra modules to catch up with missed work last year, I'm working, I'm suffering from an injury, and I'm trying to graduate. It's exhausting. I love nights out, but when I want to go, not when I should go. I will quite happily admit I have a laugh watching Saturday night telly and I look forward to seeing if Helen Flanagan will actually do something useful in I'm a Celeb. Maybe its because I'm a 3rd year, and have done it all before, and now prefer to be more selective(?), but I've got a hunch its something else. I think its that I've matured, and now don't care as much what others think, as long as I'm happy, that all that matters. My priorities have changed and I can have fun without getting paralytic.

Who's with me?


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Best Budget Liquid Eye Liner?

I am a huge lover of eye make-up, and the first bit of eye make-up I played around with way back when was eyeliner. I used to use Rimmel Glam Eyes, but when my liquid eyeliner ran out, I had a look around some blogs and people seemed to really be rating the L'Oreal Super Liner, so this is what I ended up with.

Because I like thin liquid liner lines (mouthful or what) because it makes your eyes look bigger, I went for the Perfect Slim version, but I know there are different versions to suit your needs.

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim

What I love about the packaging is, firstly its nice and slim, in a pen form. Also, it has a rubbery grip near the tip making it easier to handle and get a more precise line.

The shade I have is Intense Black, and as you can see from the swatches below, its opaque and deep from one stroke.

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim

The actual tip is pretty flexible, but slightly stiff, making it easy to apply neatly, and allowing your to create a multitude of looks, especially flicks. The width of the line create is perfect for what I want. Think enough to stand out, and yet small enough to be effective in making your eyes look bigger.

The product dries really fast and once its on, its on, with no smudging.

Overall I'm really impressed, and would repurchase and recommend this eyeliner.

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner: Perfect Slim RRP at £6.99 and is available in most stores which have a L'Oreal Paris cosmetics stand.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Topshop Highlighters

Hi everyone, I'm back now. I'm on reading week this week so fingers crossed between starting a new job, and going for a training contract interview to be a trainee solicitor, I'm going to be back up-to-date with all my University work. Thanks for being patient, 3rd Year Law is definitely a lot harder than previous years, I can tell graduation will be emotional already!

Now on to today's post.

You may remember a while ago I bought my first two products from the Topshop beauty range, after being on the search for the perfect, cheapish, highlighter. I bought two of the ones available because I had no idea which one would be best for me, so I thought it would be nice to do a little comparison!

I'm very big on contouring. I am a self-declared chipmunk, I have a rounded face, and will do anything to give my cheek bones more definition (I even have an angular bob!). I've got a whole stash of highlighters, blush's and bronzers, all ranging from high street to high end. I know a lot of people skip highlighters, but for me, highlighters really do make a massive difference, and really help define your face.

Topshop do two different types of highlighter, a cream and powder version. The powder compact comes in two shades (Crescent Moon and Sunbeam), which the cream is just available in Polish. They also do a brightening pen in Moonlight.  I have the cream and powder in Crescent Moon. I'll talk a little about each, then do a quick comparison at the end.

Topshop Highlighters

Glow Highlighter in Polish
Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish

This was on recommendation from my lovely blogger friend Sophie. I'm definitely a cream highligher girl, I think its a better look overall on me.
I love the packaging. The frosted glass bottom (with product going into this base, not a clever illusion), looks so good along side the white top, and feels like it will definitely survive travelling and my packing.
Product wise, less is definitely more, but it is easily buildable to your preference. This is like a cream version of my MAC Strobe Liquid so its patent this is a rave product for me! It's great for travelling in that respect because its smaller and less messy than my MAC wonder product. This highlighter is more of a pearlesant white than the powder compact, so is a safe bet in suiting everyone, and not looking like you have war paint on. It blends in seamlessly and I cannot fault it enough!
Highlighter in Crescent Moon
Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon
Like with the Topshop Blush's this is a cute compact, in the signature Topshop white plastic with a black doodle design on the casing. Somehow they have managed to avoid making white packaging look cheap and tacky, and it actually feels really sturdy, so one box is ticked.
Product wise, this is a subtle shimmer with slight golden undertones. One of the reasons I went for this shade rather than Sunbeam is because Sunbeam seemed a little yellow(?) and I wasn't 100% sure how that would look (Please let me know what the shade is like if you've tried it!). Crescent Moon has just the right amount of shimmer you'd want from a highlighter, and the toning compliments my natural skin tone really well. The product blends in really nice (I use my fingers with highligher), doesn't look chalky and the colour pay off is amazing, far exceeding my expectations. Added bonus is that there's very little, if any, fall out too!

Highlighter in Crescant Moon - RRP £10 (also available in Sunbeam)
Topshop Highlighters
left: Top = Cream Bottom: Powder
right: Left = Cream Right = Powder
Product wise, I prefer the cream to the powder, but that is down to my personal preference of cream highlighters. I think Crescent Moon (or even Sunbeam) would be better in spring/summer when I don't look like a ghost because of the added golden shimmer, but in Crescent Moon this is very slight. I think when I wear a medium to full coverage foundation, the powder versions may actually be better, but when its a BB cream day, Glow is a winner. The packaging on each is really pretty and sturdy. I think the compact may last longer than the cream, so if your looking for longevity, that would be something to consider, but each product is definitely value for money.

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