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A/W 2012-13 Trends: Beauty

Hey everyone. So this is the last post in the series, if you've missed any you can find all of my womenswear fashion trends posts here.


So firstly, hair wise. Dyed hair is still big, so if your tempted by ombre hair, go for it! Top Knots are also really fashionable, seen a lot on the catwalk, so now you have an excuse for your quick hairstyle. Side partings were also seen along with braided hair. Theres some really easy tutorials on YouTube if you type in braided hair, so check those out! You can even combine two, to make a really effective hair style, like the top knot braid in the picture below!

Hair trends

Now, focusing on make-up, the face was often left very bare, with dramatic eyes or lips.

Eye Makeup

Eye-wise, bold looks are really big. Strong filled in eyebrows were all that were seen on the catwalk, so invest in a brow kit now! Coloured mascara is also huge, particularly blue, but if you have blue eyes like me, purple really makes them pop!
eye trends


Lips. Berry lips are really key this season, but if your looking for a statement look, glitter lips were also seen! Check out Limecrime for glitter lip gloss, or try applying eyeshadow over a base!
lip trends


Saturday, 25 August 2012

A/W 2012-13 Fashion Trends: ETC

This is the 3rd of four posts discussing A/W trends shown at London Fashion Week. If you missed it, you can find all my womenswear fashion trend summaries here.

Like I explained in the first one, I've tried to group the trends together as best as I can, but inevitably, some just don't fit anywhere. This post deals with those that don't fit anywhere.

Trends 03 - 01

Trends 03 - 02

a/w 03 - 04


Friday, 24 August 2012

How to Live On A Student Loan

living off a student loan

This is the second of two posts in my Back to School posts; the second one talked about some of my top tips for university life, coming as a 3rd-year student. Now, as you may know, I'm doing a summer without shopping challenge because I'm the real life Becky Bloomwood, but with the restriction of a student budget. However, arguing my case, I have never come close to my overdraft, one of the only ones out of my friend group, and something I am extremely proud of. As a result, I think I am pretty entitled to say that I can live off a budget, and still live a slightly luxurious life.

So without further ado, here are some of my tips on how to get the most out of your student loan!


  • Online grocery shopping is a beautiful thing. If you're living with other people, which is the norm to be honest, split the delivery cost and it works out a lot less than getting the bus and having to lug bags on the bus! Also, you tend to avoid spur of the moment purchases because you can look for what you actually want, rather than browsing the aisles.
  • Have a rough idea of meals you are actually going to have before you going shopping. Sounds simple but a lot of people go shopping then forget what they have and don't get proper meals. If you rushed for time, plan for that, there's no point planning to cook complicated recipes when realistically you have 30 minutes to cook and eat it!


  • Look at EBay for books, but check on amazon for the new price first. I once bought a book on EBay, thinking it was a bargain, and actually was more expensive than a new copy from amazon. I would recommend buying your books though because then you have them all the time, and they won't get called back at exam time when you need them most.
  • Paper v. Laptop. For me, I use a notebook (a tiny laptop) in lectures, then a proper laptop in my room, mainly because I type faster than I write but at the same time I don't want to lug my laptop around all day. However, I've also noticed that I've actually saved money on paper as I'd normally go through about a big lined paper refill pack once every two weeks, more in exam time. That over 2 years so far, and you're getting you money back!
  • Don't get library fines. There excessively expensive, so extend the loan if you have to, and set alarms on your phone. A fine is such a waste of money.


  • I love high-end brands, but I can't buy them every time I need a product. Instead, I get high street versions of the same thing and usually get my craved high-end products as gifts on occasions. The high street has provided amazing cosmetics and products that can compete so while I'm a student (no forever) I will search for the best that's on offer. Your not a student forever, so one day you will be able to have the high-end products all the time. Best of both worlds!
  • I love fad products, but I can't afford to buy every single hyped item! Instead, I make a wish list through each month, and at the end of each month, set myself a budget and prioritize the items. It sounds a lot of effort, but you soon realize you actually don't want half of it!
  • I've started to only buy a new product when I've completely used up a similar product. I used to have about 4 toners etc on the go, and that's just a waste of money as you never get your money's worth! Also, how can you tell which products the best if you never see the long term effects? This way, I've stopped pointlessly buying products I'd never use.
  • Be aware of "3 for 2". I used to be a sucker for these in Boots, and go for a new mascara, and end up with 2 products I didn't need! You end up spending more money than you wanted to and get products that you were never interested in. Use them to your advantage though, and if you're buying a few things. search for the best deals.
  • Points make Prizes (as my dad would say). Get every points card possible of the stores that you shop at. If you keep going back, get rewarded and soon you will be able to get an item for free!
  • Want a high-end product? Look for samples, either free at the counter or paid travel sized versions. This way, you can see if it's worth splashing out, or its just over hyped, with a high street alternative being of better value.


  • Stock up on staples, and get cheap accessories to alter them to suit specific trends or looks. Quality staples will save you money in the long run because you won't need to keep buying them.
  • Like with the beauty, make a wish list through the month, then set yourself a budget.
  • Only buy items that go with your look and your wardrobe. Buying things that are lovely, but don't work with what you already have is a waste of money, because you either won't wear it, or will end up buying something else just so you can.
  • Try re-working outfits for day or night. Put a top under it, different tights, different accessories etc. Whatever you need to do to try and get as many outfits as possible from your wardrobe! You'll soon realize you have a lot of options for dinner with the girls.


  • Set a socializing budget each week, and stick to it. Be realistic, but don't go overboard with lavish nights out all the time. Cheap and Cheerful is the student way, and my best nights out have only cost me £10.
  • You can exercise without a gym. There's a lot of things you can do instead of going to the gym, whenever you want, so maybe try them first before you sign up. Even walking to uni instead of going on the bus or driving, could count as exercise, saving you extra money!
  • There are plenty of things you can do cheaply for entertainment that is fun, you just need to be imaginative. Cook a three-course meal with three of your friends, each responsible for one element. Board games (yes, they are cool ;) ).
  • Book your train tickets home early. There cheaper in advance, and online sellers often have deals on to major cities.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Watching Women's Hockey Final at London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympic Park

If you don't know, I love (field) hockey. I play on my University, and its a massive part of my life. I was lucky enough as part of my birthday present to get tickets for the Olympic Women's Hockey Final and it was honestly the best experience I have ever had. The park was amazing, the hockey was enviable, and the atmosphere was breathtaking. GB won a bronze (so amazing to see us get a medal)! It was a day of a lifetime and I am so grateful for my parents getting me tickets. I know you can now do tours of the Olympic Park, and I'd recommend it hugely because you have no idea of the scale of things until you are there yourself. It's so big, and makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck just by walking round, it's that amazing!

I took over 200 pictures that day, but heres some of the highlights, although its still pretty picture heavy.

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park
London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park
London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 Olympic Park
London 2012 Olympic Park

Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Final 2012

Olympic Women's Hockey Medal Ceremony 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Medal Ceremony 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Medal Ceremony 2012London Olympic Women's Hockey Medal Ceremony 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Medal Ceremony 2012

London Olympic Women's Hockey Medal Ceremony 2012


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A/W 2012-13 Fashion Trends: Prints

This is the second of a series of four posts discussing all the trends seeing on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, including beauty. If you missed the first, you can find my royalty inspired fashion trends post here.


As the title suggests, this post is dedicated to prints. Luckily, a lot of these have appeared quite recently on the high street, meaning you can recycle your wardrobe and just top it up with accessories! So whether your going to make like Missoni and don zig zags or wear some Topshop digital prints, there is something for everyone this season.
A/W Womenswear fashion prints trends

A/W Womenswear fashion prints trends


Sunday, 12 August 2012

University Student Tips

College Student Tips

Having spent the years in education, I've decided it was time to share some advice. I'm just about to go into my 3rd year of my Law degree at Keele University, and through the last two years, I've discovered a few things I really wish I'd known before I came to University.

So without further ramblings from me, here are my tips if you off to University for the first time in September.

Become a Minimalist

For the last two years, I have massively overpacked. I've lived in halls the last two years, and will again for my final year, and to get all my stuff up, we've had to hire a van year on year. In my defense, we have a really small car, and with three of us in, there isn't much room. A lot of the things I've packed, I've not actually used/worn. I'd recommend about two weeks before you go to uni, keep track of what things you use, then pack them and try and avoid taking anything else. University rooms aren't known for their space, although mine has been big, so you really do need to combat the clutter. The most important thing to remember is your going to university, not backpacking in the jungle so if you find you need anything you can either get it sent up, buy it while you there. Chances are though if you haven't taken it, it's not high on your priority list. That's another tip, make a packing list a week before then get other people to check it. There's a lot to pack like bedding, kitchen stuff, clothes, and you will forget things once you start packing. I forgot to pack camera batteries, my friend forgot pillows. One thing I would recommend is taking a little bit of food with you like pasta, usually in freshers week you're that busy it's hard to get to the shops, so that way you at least don't have to worry about finding time.

Knock on Doors

Every time I've moved into university, I've unpacked about 2ish and been bored stiff. Once I've met my corridor, I've always found that everyone else has been in the exact same situation. Just go and knock on doors and introduce yourself. I've met some of my best friends by this, and you're going to live with each other so you might as well know who they are. Unoriginal conversations starters are what are you studying, where are you from. Everything gets covered.


This is for if you're living in halls. Don't be noisy too late because the walls are so thin and people work at all hours of the day. Don't be noisy at all in exam times, I had issues with the flat below me, noise 24/7 whilst revising isn't fun. If you're sharing a kitchen, only take up your fair space of the storage/fridge/freezer, and clean up after yourself. It's tiny little things, but it stops so many arguments and keeps everyone happy.


The thing I'd recommend the most is to join something and attend! I joined hockey and it was the best thing I did. Not only have I met people through training, but we have socials every week which are amazing. You meet people in the club, and then their friends, and soon you have loads of new friends! Also, it's great when you feel a little homesick because you have something to do!


That sounds obvious, but it's easy to forget why you actually go to uni. Try and spend the daytime working, that way you can have fun at night. I've also found typing up lecture notes and incorporating the notes from reading and tutorials in one document, printing it out and putting it in a file makes revision and assignments really easy. If you do it as you go along, you have your entire course in your file, all you have to do is revise that rather than starting at the notes stage. A degree is a lot more work than A-level, I've learned the stressful way so keeping up with your notes will make it a lot simpler. You've been warned and advised. Finally, go to lectures and tutorials. You say yes I will now, but when all your friends have a different timetable to you or your hungover you won't be so sure. You need to to know what topics your lecturers expect you to read up on, and they tend to drop hints about assessments and tips on how to get higher marks. Lecturers tend to explain complicated topics really well too, so it's only going to benefit you for assessments. Your getting into debt for uni, at least get your money's worth out of the limited teaching on offer!

Keep Uggs and a Hoodie Close

For fire alarms, if you're in halls. They go off a lot. I moan a lot. I've been stood out for 2 hours at 3 am with an exam and a hockey match the next day, stood in snow and rain, even when I was in the shower. They are a lot louder than normal fire alarms, and when your half asleep you get flustered and don't have time to find a coat and shoes. You will thank me once you've experienced it.

Call Home

In my first year, I forgot to ring home for my first two weeks. My parents didn't ring because they didn't want to mither but they were so worried about me. For most people, this will be the first time they've lived away from home, and its hard for both you and your parents (as much as they moan, they do) so at least check in and let them know how things are going. Yes, you will miss home, and ringing will remind you of home, but it will reassure your parents you can cope. If it does make you miss home, go and do something with your new friends straight after, you'll soon remember what an amazing new life you have. Chances are you will be too busy to miss home in the first couple of weeks, I was, and then by then, you'll be used to living at home.


I haven't met anyone who cooks anything fancy. The odd lasagna, cake or curry maybe, but nothing more. Don't expect to suddenly be a cordon bleu chef. Stick to easy stuff if you've never cooked before.

I really hope this has helped some of you. There are loads more I could have included but for the sake of keeping this post a reasonable length, these were the most important for the first couple of weeks. By then you should have worked out what works for you and learn from your own mistakes. Make sure you follow me for next weeks on my tips for living on a student budget; fashion, beauty, going out, food and more.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 10 August 2012

A/W 2012-13 Fashion Trends: Royalty Inspired

The first of four posts, over the next couple of weeks I'll be focusing on the key womenswear fashion trends set to appear up and down the high street following yet another successful London Fashion Week.

Royalty Inspired

This week I'm talking about the trends that are inspired by the royal family. Since Kate and Will's wedding, the royal family seems to have become more relevant in today's society, and this has transferred into fashion.

Key Colours

The colour palette is very rich and regal. Think warm tones in burgundy and purple. For me, these are true a/w colours.

Key A/W 2012-13 Fashion Colours

Key Fabric

Following the royal trend, both velvet and fur played a large role on the catwalks.
Key A/W Fashion 2012-13 Fabrics

Now onto the clothes. Luxurious layering is a huge trend, so layer up on trends, and tick all the royal trends at once. For all those magpies like me, intricate embellishments are big, so stock up on bibs and collars for subtle flashes, or invest in a trophy jacket for a bold statement. A-line skirts flatter all shapes. High-waisted versions cover hips and stomachs, whilst pleats will create curves. Capes also play a role this season. Look for caplets, coats and even cape details on dresses and tops to fit this trend in with your style.
Post 1 - 1


Top's wise, necks are higher. Roll necks and conservative high necks are key to this look. If that's not your thing, maybe a lower cut jumper go for one with fur enhanced shoulders.

Post 1 - 02

As always the military trend pops up this year. Team it with country classics and gloves (particularly elbow gloves) and you'll tick three royal inspired looks in one outfit.
A/W 2012 2013 Women's Fashion Trends

So that's the royal inspired trends for this season. Personally, these are some of my favorite and so versatile.

Make sure you follow me so you get the other three posts in this series covering the A/W trends featured in London Fashion Week.

Thanks for reading,
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