Friday, 14 December 2012

NYX Soho Glam Collection Review

Some of you may remember my disappointment with NYX's Glitter Cream Pallete, but this has definitely restored my faith. Still looking for a Christmas presents? I would recommend having a look at this.
Nyx Soho Glam Collection
NYX Soho Glam Collection (*)

NYX Soho Glam Collection

I thought I was a good multi-tasker but this pallet really takes the biscuit; 52 eyeshadows, 8 lip colors, 4 face colors, 4 blushers, 2 lip glosses, applicators, a lip liner pencil and a mirror, all compact and ready to travel! 

I actually came home yesterday from University for Christmas, so had the nightmare of packing makeup and beauty products for three weeks, especially because there are quite a few Christmas events I'm attending whilst I'm back home. This would be ideal for those situations when you want to be able to create a range of looks but need it to take minimal space. Perfect for if you want to go out after work/uni, going on holiday, travel a lot, or just absolutely hate clutter.


The packaging and presentation are lovely. I'm a massive fan of black packaging, I just think it looks a lot sleeker, and stands the test of time because it doesn't go all messy after a few uses. There's a decent sized mirror, and I love how the different layers slide out, making it really compact for this amount of product. This feels really study too, it could definitely stand being in a suitcase, so like I said, ideal if traveling is on the cards.


The jewel-toned shades are perfect for the festive season, and pretty much any look could be created with matte, shimmer and glitter products being present. Pigmentation does vary a little and the glitters and shimmers coming out more vivid than the mattes but only very slightly. Another plus is that there is little, if any, fallout and they are extremely blendable.


The pigmentation of the lip products isn't perfect and all seem a bit sheer. A bit of a disappointment after the eye products, but they are extremely buildable, it'sits nothing a few applications can't solve. They are all unscented and unflavoured too, which is a massive plus.


Again, slightly on the sheer side, however perfect for giving the cheeks a healthy glow. The shade range is amazing too, with something offered to flatter every skintone and work with every look. 


Overall this is a good little all-rounder. The eye products are my stand out, but I think if you're off traveling around the family over Christmas and want light packing, this is the ticket. Everything is buildable, blendable and just plain lovely. The shades are so wearable. For £30, you are getting great value and a lot of product for your money!

RRP £30, and available from Very

Monday, 10 December 2012

MAC Shy Girl Review

MAC Shy Girl review swatches

Your first MAC lipstick is somewhat of a right of passage. For me, it was the first high-end beauty product I ever bought, and luckily, I ended up choosing something I'll be repurchasing forever more.

Housed in the usual black bullet, Shy Girl is a coral toned nude and happens to be one of my favorite natural shades. So what makes this lipstick so special? Well firstly, it's in the much raved about Creamsheen formula. OK, so the wear time isn't the greatest, but if you're looking for a "my lips but better" kinda product, this is your go to. Think a slightly glossy lipstick that is easy to wear, goes with everything and provides the perfect definition for your lips. Seriously though, I'm yet to find a situation where I haven't thought about wearing this lipstick; and I have a lot of choices.

So I think the beauty Gods were helping me a little when I randomly picked up Shy Girl as my first MAC lipstick. Although I might have just been playing it safe with a neutral color, I couldn't have chosen a better one.

I am desperate to try more MAC lipsticks, anyone got any suggestions?

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