Nyx Glitter Cream Pallet Review

I was really hoping this would be a rave review. For Christmas, this pallet looks as though it would be a glittery smokey eye dream. But it’s not. The only consolation is that I got it discounted at TK Maxx to £4. The colors are perfect, the packaging is lovely, put the actual product itself is a complete and utter let down.

Nyx Glitter Cream Pallet in Ice Queen

So packaging first. It’s pretty flimsy but does the job. I wasn’t expecting much because this is a cheap product, and the black plastic makes it look a lot better.

The color selection is perfect. Ideal for creating glittery smokey eyes on a budget.

That’s the end of the positives though.


Nyx Glitter Cream Pallet in Ice Queen

The swatches above tell the story. Each color needs to be swatched 3 or 4 times just to get that pigmentation. Even when I have swatched it that many times, the pigmentation is rubbish; you’d probably have to use half the product to achieve a full look! The glitter looks extremely clumpy and pretty loose, so you are guaranteed it’s going all over your face by the end of the night. No one wants to look like that much of a glitter ball.

When you compare this to Barry M Dazzle Dust, its just a complete fail of a product. I was hoping this to be a dupe for MAC Glitter Pot’s, but the quality of this pallet is like something you used to get free to a magazine as a little kid. I usually love NYX products, but this is a complete let down.

If your looking for a glitter fix this Christmas, save your money, don’t go for this.


  • I've seen this in River Island before and I was tempted, glad I didn't get it! Xxx