A/W 2012-13 Trends: Beauty

Hey everyone. So this is the last post in the series, if you’ve missed any you can find all of my womenswear fashion trends posts here.


So firstly, hair wise. Dyed hair is still big, so if your tempted by ombre hair, go for it! Top Knots are also really fashionable, seen a lot on the catwalk, so now you have an excuse for your quick hairstyle. Side partings were also seen along with braided hair. Theres some really easy tutorials on YouTube if you type in braided hair, so check those out! You can even combine two, to make a really effective hair style, like the top knot braid in the picture below!

Hair trends

A/W trends 04 – 01 by thecrownwings featuring long hair accessories

Now, focusing on make-up, the face was often left very bare, with dramatic eyes or lips.

Eye Makeup

Eye-wise, bold looks are really big. Strong filled in eyebrows were all that were seen on the catwalk, so invest in a brow kit now! Coloured mascara is also huge, particularly blue, but if you have blue eyes like me, purple really makes them pop!

eye trends

a/w trends 04 – 02 by thecrownwings featuring a benefit mascara


Lips. Berry lips are really key this season, but if your looking for a statement look, glitter lips were also seen! Check out Limecrime for glitter lip gloss, or try applying eyeshadow over a base!

lip trends

a/w trends 04 – 03 by thecrownwings featuring sheer makeup